Italian Contest Club’s Manifesto

  • The main object of the ICC is to is to promote the fair radio sport activity (contesting) at national and international level
  • The objectives include the participation in the Clubs Competition in the major world contests. In this regard, members are invited to mention the Italian Contest Club in the appropriate field of their submitted Cabrillo log.
  • All radio amateurs and SWLs with regular license and authorization can become members of the ICC.
  • Participation in the ICC is free and on a voluntary basis. The assignment of the membership number takes place upon the completion of the specific form.
  • The ICC supports and promotes ethics and ham-spirits. It supports the “Contesting Code of Ethics”.
  • Participation to the ICC and the use of the Club name when sending the log is subject to strict compliance with the “Contesting Code of Ethics” (see the aforementioned point) as well as the rules of the contest in which you take part. If the ICC member is subject to disqualification by the Contest Committees of a contest, such disqualification may result in a 1 year probation period. ICC unquestionably accepts the decisions of the Contest Committees. The members’ name/callsign subject to disqualification will be highlighted in the members’ list.
  • All data submitted through the form (name, callsign, surname and e-mail address) will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR (see EU Regulation 2016/679 and subsequent amendments). The collected data will not be used for commercial purposes.
  • The use of the ICC logo and name is free for members to promote the club itself. Using the Club logo and name for commercial and/or profit purposes is not allowed.